The Microphone Assistant™ is here at last!

The Ultimate State of the Art Retractable Microphone Hanger designed and built by a Truck Driver.

Never before has there been a CB Microphone Accessory come into the realm of radios on the open road channel with such powerful features. This CB radio Microphone accessory is going to revolutionize the way Truck Drivers hang their Microphones.   A Microphone Protection System.  This is a Driver Safety device that will help prevent or minimize distractions, freeing up your hands and help You keep your eyes on the road.

As seen on Ice Road Truckers recently.  Where safety counts with every move they make.

Now also used on Big Touring Bikes giving Bikers that edge they need. See pix recently installed on Harley Davidsons


The Microphone Assistant™ features:

  • This is a mountable self retracting device used to hold or retain a hand held coil wire Microphone when not being used.
  • This is a Heavy-Duty piece with 1 pound of mini-winching power
  • Only takes a minute to install
  • Designed specifically to assist "The Driver" in a myriad of actions and reactions, unique unto themselves, circumstance specific and sudden unexpected variables.
  • It can be mounted directly to the ceiling or your uppers near your CB radio.
  • Mountable with only 1 screw... same as that "little bungee cord" except with a lot less swing and a whole lot more stretching
  • 36 inch tuff woven Kevlar cord giving you lots of stretch and maneuverability
  • The rubber O-ring just slips over the little dime sized wafer knob on the back of your CB Microphone
  • Hangs nice and tight and looks tight
  • Made In the USA with a Lifetime Service Policy

Why is the Microphone Assistant™ the Microphone hanger of choice?

  • Most all Dangers and Hazards created by the use of CB's are wiped out with a simple one-minute installation
  • The Microphone Assistant™ will help you keep an eyes on the road when you are behind the wheel
  • No more swinging Microphones knocking your glasses off and potentially causing a serious accident
  • No more little bungee's that allow your Microphone to swing around and smack you in the face when you hit a bump or when pulling off the road
  • No longer having to lean forward making you lose your mirror
  • The Microphone Assistant™ may assist you from getting speeding tickets while using your Microphone.
    Now for a limited time You can get The Microphone Assistant absolutely FREE when You buy the 50th Anniversary Edition of The Road King 56
    This promotional offer can be found at Pilot Travel Centers Nationwide.
    The new K40 Mic will hit the streets probably sometime in June and I believe there will be a promotion in Loves, Pilot and Petro Travel Centers along with the top of the line retractable microphone hanger...The Microphone Assistant.  

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